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Hospice care provides critical support for patients, families at Socorro General Hospital

November 27, 2019In the News

Dr. Eileen Comstock, an emergency physician at Socorro General Hospital, describes the "incredible value of hospice in our community.," in a guest column in El Defensor Chieftain.

Patients with a terminal illness who receive hospice care live longer than patients receiving standard medical care, Comstock explains. Those in hospice care also experience fewer unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations. When we feel better, there is less panic about the daily needs of care, and less likelihood of rushing to the hospital.

Hospice care can be provided in hospitals, in long term care facilities, in dedicated hospice facilities or at home. Socorro General Hospital Home Health and Hospice staff provide information, medication, medical supplies, physical assistance, emotional and spiritual support to patients and families in their care.

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